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Zero Is Ten
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Oh, Fine

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Wow. Zero, our beloved dog, is ten years old today. I made her a cake and we had the annual viewing of The Nightmare Before Christmas in her honor (that movie has a ghost dog in it named Zero).

Zero's Tenth-Birthday Party

This lovely weekend blew by, that's for sure. I've just finished writing my cover letter and updating the resume for the new job at CSUN. I'll hand-deliver the paperwork on campus tomorrow. Glad to have that over with -- applying for work is so much work.

No biking at all this weekend, but gaming with Kenny on Friday and Larry and Mike on Saturday. We also carved pumpkins at Kenny's place (view photos of Jack-o-lanterns here) and Shelley made a batch of delicious baked pumpkin seeds.

Played a new game (for me) at Larry's, called Mexica, which I hope to play again. Seems like an okay game, will be better able to decide after playing knowing the rules. Also played a historical Settlers variant set in ancient China. Must also play that one again a few times.

Got a USB card reader for my Microdrive. The new Fuji camera is still having many problems with it, but trying to format it in the camera has not worked, thus the card reader that plugs directly into the computer. The drive has now been reformatted, so it's time to test it again with the camera.

Found some orange and white special-edition animal circus cookies to take to Kenny's election-night media-circus party. It will be a relief once the voting's over and done with. Problem is that make extend well beyond Tuesday.

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