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Dark 'Copter
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Right before going to bed last night I tried the iBook again, and lo! it booted and worked fine! Same thing this morning. Maybe it just got overheated last night and needed a rest after a hard weekend. Maybe the failure is a sign of things to come. For now, at least, it's fine.

Around 2:00 am last night we had a visit from a helicopter. For about ten minutes it flew circles around our house at an altitude so low that I'm glad our house has only one storey, and even then I was worried about dishes falling out of the cabinets with the reverberations from the rotors!

Apparently the police owned this aerial beast. It had a huge, brilliant, night-into-day spotlight trained on the ground about three houses to the west. Shelley saw a police car drive by with a spotlight as well. It seems they were searching for someone -- or something. We watched, waited, and locked our doors but observed nothing happen, so we hit the sack again after it flew away.

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