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iBook to MacShop
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I hate it when a machine dies. Especially when it was fixed not long ago. My iBook went kaflooey today, like it did during the summer. Seems the motherboard died again, based on the symptoms of application lock-up and then the screen going all crazy-fuzzy, then the machine being able to boot up but not showing anything on the screen.

After using it all day, and upgrading its operating system along the way, then using it a lot more, all seemed well. Got some nice panos out of it now that the upgraded OS runs the application I needed to blend the Nikon shots together.

Is it a coincidence that on the same day I upgraded the OS the motherboard decided to fail again?

Huge sigh.

Finally I get one thing working, and then something else breaks.

I reckon I'll take it down to the Apple store on Wednesday. The machine is past its basic year warranty this time, however, so my wallet's likely to feel the pain (unless the part they replaced last time has its own warranty and it extends this long, which I fear won't be the case).

I'm getting tired of all this nonsense.

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