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Doggy Hike and Movies
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To treat the dogs and tire them out so they're not so rambunctious tomorrow, we took them up to Los Angeles Crest Forest for a couple hours. It worked fairly well. Sparky has so much energy that she'll probably recover too quickly, and poor Zero's getting too old to enjoy it as much. She certainly likes getting out, but afterwards she needs more time to recover. It's sad, but at least she's happy outside.

After we got home I spent several hours trying to automate new panorama software. Lots of dead-ends and road-blocks, but finally got it down to two partial processes that that work well together, and so let them chug along unattended last night. Woke up to a bunch of nice panos, but I have to go back over them and check them for problems and do touch-ups, probably restitching some of them.

Did a lot of this while watching movies on the wall. Santa came early this year, with good timing in anticipation of The Return of the King's extended version coming out in about three weeks. We've traded up our standard 28-inch TV for a projector that throws out a 90-inch image (in what space we have), using most of the wall to show it. Top that off with surround-sound and I don't envision us ever going to the movie theatre again.

Zero: mistress of all she surveys

Zero grovelling in the snow

Zero still likes to have snow kicked in her face

Two crows sittin' in a tree

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