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Turkey CivFest III
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Our annual game of Advanced Civilization took us about 12 hours this year!

The unusually long time may be attributed to having four new (or rusty) players this time time around, but that's okay -- it's good fun to introduce the game to those who haven't played it before.

Jenn (Babylon) won the trophy this year, beating the second-place contender me (Crete) by a mere 7 points out of some 4500 for the game, a slim margin indeed. Kenny as Illyria and Shelley as Africa placed next in line, with our four others further down the scale (but not necessarily in this order): Joel (Iberia), Tom (Thrace), Adam (Assyria), and Steven (Egypt).

As Crete I tried the eastern (Asia Minor) strategy this time, rather than the western (Greece) one, and it seemed to go a lot better. Troy rose and fell VII times, but VIII stayed up!

Along with the eight players, we had three other guests over, and between the 11 of us (plus four pets) we polished off the 22-pound turkey and a ton of other dishes and drinks.

Good stuff.

Lesson for next year: Download the Java program to calculate card costs and put it on a laptop next to the board for everyone to use!

Re vera, potas bene

Kings and Queens, all (from left to right): Crete, Egypt, Africa, Iberia, Babylon, Illyria, Thrace, Assyria.

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