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No new Lord of the Rings movie this year, so we settled for watching the just-released extended exdition of Return of the King on our new 90-inch screen! Wow, wow, wow. And not only Return of the King, but also Fellowship and Two Towers. Running the extended versions of all three movies back-to-back-to-back took some 12 hours (!) but we weren't alone: 7 friends came over to help watch. By sheer coincidence, then, we ended up with 9 people watching.

Hmmm. Nine of us... nine in the Fellowship... nine ringwraiths...

Three movies for Tolkien fans both girl and boy,
Seven hundred lumens lighting the white wall,
Nine and three hours for all to enjoy,
One trilogy from Newline to please them all
In the House of Stuart where they have a new toy.
One Projector to play them all, One Projector to shine,
One Projector to show them all and in the darkness blind them
In the House of Stuart where they have a new toy.

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