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My previous entry was written about a week ago. Although we did watch all three movies, three people never showed and one left before the first movie finished. Oh well, more food for the five of us who did stick around.

Worse news is that our plumbing problem re-appeared. We called the same plumbers as last time because our 90-day guarantee was still in effect. They ended up trying a short snake, then a long one, then both together. At that point they got it all caught up and could not remove it. After a long wait a supervisor and second truck arrived. They got the snake out, then offered a free camera check ($270 value).

They found what appears to be a solid blockage at 80 feet, right where our driveway joins the street. According to them, because we have no sidewalks, the city owns 12 feet in from the center of the street, which puts them well past our blockage. Therefore, to get it fixed, the plumbers would have to get pre- and post-repair city inspections and permits. The pipe's down four feet beneath our cement driveway, so we're talking about some serious work to get in there and take care of the situation.

They told us this would cost $4,300 less the location charge (another $270) for them to tell us exactly where the block happened.

Oh my, my, my... but that's a ton of cash.

During the itemization they offered us an Xmas reduction of $246, and then another supervisor offered a "competition reduction" of $500 so the final charge at this point is $3,600 for them to fix about five feet of piping. And that assumes all goes according to plan when they get in there.

Not seeing much of a choice we've contracted them to take care of it.

This morning, however, we've pretty much agree to get a second opinion. The rest of the piping is so clean that we see no reason for this problem. Our block has drained slowly away before, so we suspect that it's worth another camera look in case it shows more, and we could get a second price for the job in any case.

Will the fun never end?

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