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Sanctuary Panos
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The World Wide Panorama theme for the winter solstice is "sanctuary," and as usual, open to wide interpretation. My first thought for something local was the Wildlife WayStation, which is practically within sight of our house.

I'd assumed that I would just bop over there and take some photos. When I could not find any visiting hours on their web page, I decided to call and ask about an appointment. I explained the WWP project, its theme, and my thoughts that they would fall therein. They agreed and let me come and shoot this past Sunday.

Actually... Shelley shot the panos there because I hadn't heard back from them originally, so in the meantime I had contacted the New Leash On Life people for the same reason. They also agreed, so I quickly became overbooked.

Since I can submit only one WWP entry, Shelley agreed to help me out by taking the photos and processing then into a panorama so that I did not have to break either appointment.

It worked out well, I believe. She has now seen how tedious it is to make the panos on this little slow machine and we both get to post our panos on the WWP site, and therefore both of these foundations get some free public exposure.

(I'll link to ourpanos when they becomes available to the public at the first of the year.)

In addition to getting these places some free facetime, I offered to let them have copies of all the panos we shot at their locations, for their own web sites. I will brand these panos, of course, with Sir Round so I get a little advertising in return. One never knows who will see them and want their own, eh?

I've pretty much decided to sell the Panoscan after the New Year, as well as buy a new desktop Macintosh. This little iBook's a real pain to work with -- not enough screen space, not enough disc space, and not enough processing power by far for huge image manipulation and blending. A new machine will reduce time on task by two orders of magnitude I expect. The order for it goes in on January 1, 00:01 (to put it on next year's tax deductions).

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