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Took Becky the bike out for a spin yesterday, for the first time in about a month. Rode around the Hansen Dam area, and past a new golf course built last year. Or rather, what's left of it.

Now, if you wanted to build yourself a new golf course would you do so at the base of the San Gabriel Mountains, on top of a quarter-mile wide wash? These idiots did. I hope their insurance rates climb so high it shuts them down. I'm against golf courses because they clobber so much environment for so little gain.

And in other news, my second-round web manager interview lasted almost four hours this afternoon.

1:00-2:00- Meet with Dean Joyce Feucht-Haviar
2:00-3:00- Meet with Extended Learning Marketing Team
3:00-4:00- An "open" meeting with ExL staff members
4:00-5:00- Meet with search and screen committee

After this experience I'm a lot more optimistic about the position now.

They need someone who can facilitate cross-department communication, work the web, and come up with both technological and procedural solutions. I like doing that kind of stuff.

Meeting all the people and hearing their concerns and past experiences makes me want to join them and take care of it all. It's definitely more motivating than simply reading the job description on paper.

At times the afternoon seemed more like a confirmation hearing than anything, so I'm pretty much expecting an offer late next week. But we'll see.

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