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You might ask, "can he spend a fifth weekend in a row playing World of Warcraft," and still be considered normal?

I suppose the answer's debatable, but I did do a couple other things, such as play boardgames on Friday and Saturday night, plus put up my Panoscan for auction on eBay, so the whole weekend wasn't totally WoW. Only mostly.

Plus, we sent little boxes of evil to Paul and Brenda so that they can now share in the WoW perversion, er, fun! Apparently this game caused Paul to go out and buy a powered cooling pad for his laptop so that he did not have to stop playing for fear of his lap spontaneously combusting. He is wise not to wear shorts while 'Crafting.

And I've now heard it termed Word of Warcrack, which just goes to show... um, something wicked I guess. I can stop any time (that my computer's not working or the Internet connection is down).

And in other news...

The new job offer arrived about 5:10 pm on Friday. It would mean a 14% salary increase. I'm talking to the dean (who would be my new boss) to see about a few final considerations, such as being able to participate in archaeology on a regular basis in the summer, before making a decision. My current position's superiors are also working on a counter offer, I believe, now that they know what the new offer holds.

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