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Super Sunday
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Rather than watching a bunch of big guys toss around a piece of air-filled leather today, we had a LAN party -- Krispy Kreme donuts, lots of snacks, and four Macintosh computers running World of Warcraft in the same room!

Gul, Tupeti, Lazuli, Narwynn and their pets Charles (the crab) and four (normal) cats strolled through the Blackfathom Deeps today in order to fulfill a number of quests. This place is one of the unique ones in the world called instanced dungeons, which means when our group goes in no other players can enter.

Therefore there's no interference -- we get all the monsters and treasures ourselves. The bad guys in such places are pretty tough, so there's no help either. We did really well, right until the very last big bad beastie, who we didn't quite kill. It was still a great time, and obiously playing in such an environment is far easier when we're all in the same room.

To celebrate our success we chose our new guild's tabard colors and sigil, then danced (mostly) naked in the streets of Stormwind. A number of passers by stopped to see what four dressed-in-tabard-only Night Elves were dancing around for. One or two joined in, and others just shook their heads and moved on. By the way, we named our guild Gul's Angels. Kenny thought up this great name: it plays off both Charlie's Angels (three chicks and a dude) plus Hell's Angels (a bunch of bad-attitude toughies). Take your pick.

And on the other continent, Myzythra reached level 30 yesterday, finally surpassing all of the Angels. As she attended to training, a fellow Gnome mage invited her to a Gnomes-only guild. Myzythra could not resist joining when she found out the guild's name is Guardians of the Lawn, and they wear a green tabard with white Gnome silhouette on the front.

Gul's Angels way down below in Blackfathom Deeps, shortly before meeting their doom against a giant three-headed hydra.

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