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Although CSUN was closed yesterday for Cesar Chavez Day, I had been planning to fill the day with various chores, menial tasks, errands, etc., because my WoW characters had exhausted their rest bonuses (which means they don't advance as fast while being played.)

Blizzard, however, decided to give all characters full rest bonuses because of some technical difficulties they had with the game's servers. This was a brilliant idea -- better than a free day extension -- if you ask me. It saves Blizzard money but entices players to forgive and forget and get playing again.

This benefit proved too tempting for me to pass up, so I spent some 15 hours playing WoW instead of accomplishing all the things that I should have. Despite all that time going up a complete level, Myzythra *still* has almost an entire additional level of rest bonus, and Gul has even more. Myz spent all morning doing Uldaman; afternoon in Tanaris; and evening in Gnomeregan.

Anyway, before I play WoW again, I have 20 quests to complete (in no particular order):

Taxes, Taxes, Taxes
The IRS wants you to file taxes every year, and this one is no exception. You must complete your preliminary data entry and find all possible ways to reduce the total amount owed. You will then file the taxes. You will receive an estimated -2500 GP.

Drawing the Line
To determine who owns what trees, you are to have a surveyor come and mark lines around your property. You are to contact three surveyors and get cost estimates, then make arrangements for one to come and do the job. You will receive a bill, but also peace of mind.

Fix the Blue Box
Some time ago Jenn dropped off her blue stained glass box for repair. You know exactly where it is. Retrieve this box and fix it. You will receive one less feeling of guilt for not having done it promptly.

Rule the Galaxy
You have two scheduled SFBOL games this weekend, one for World League and one for the latest Rated Ace Tournament. Do your best to defeat the enemy by destroying his ship in each case. You will receive either tournament advancement or more time to play WoW.

December Panos
Last December you shot some panos for a couple charity organizations for the WWP "Sanctuary" theme. Finish these panos and get them back to the organizations for their web sites. Remember, the new iMac was bought for making panos and not WoW. You will receive a kick in the butt if you do not do this.

The stained glass aquarium panel broke last year. Time to get it fixed already. Use your soldering iron to reattach the chain so that it can be opened safely again. You will receive yet more peace of mind.

Broken Broker
Over a year ago you moved your stock portfolio from one online broker to another, yet the old account remains open. Write a letter to close it. You will receive a gold star.

Room and Board
The master bathroom countertop remains a piece of wood. Test the new crackling paint on a piece of white-painted board to determine whether it will look nice enough for the whole countertop. You will receive enough data to continue or try something different.

Living in the Past
You have "written" four journal entries in your head for March but have not put them down in real type yet. Create entries for Shelley's Birthday, Flower Power, CSS, and HTML Boy. You will receive more free brain space.

Plain Walls
You now have keys to your office area so you can come in on the weekend and hang some photos or other decorations. Find suitable photos to print and put into the stack of empty frames you already have. Look into other decorations. You will receive an office that has some personality.

Precision Panos
Someone has developed a precision head for taking panos with a still camera. It's expensive, so investigate the possibilities of trying it first, or returning if it does not suffice. You will receive either a new pano head or continued suffering with the old one.

What Childcare Is This?
You started looking into CSUN's childcare facility, but found out that it would not be suitable or available. Investigate alternatives on campus and elsewhere. You will receive fewer spously prompts.

Woman As Object
Although you have looked around some, you have not found any suitable inexpensive software for making object movies (of Shelley's pregnancy) on the Mac. Try again, and consider Windows alternatives. You will receive reduced workload in the end.

Too Much Furniture
The old entertainment center isn't going to move itself out of the living room, where it has been since mid-December. Despite repeated postings to Craig's List, no one has come to take it away. Contact charities to see whether they want it. If not, get it into the garage and use it for storage. You will receive a lot more space in the house.

HI There
Now that you have receive permission to take two weeks of vacation in late May or early June, for one last fling with your wife, make some plans already! Hawaii is the current destination of choice. You will receive something to look forward to, and a large WoW rest bonus.

Piling It On
Several hundreds of e-mail messages, mostly related to panos, have come in since starting WoW in late December. Have a look at these for anything significant that you have missed while WoWing. You will receive an emptier mailbox.

Walled In
You have been wanting to decorate the cinderblock walls around the yard for some time. Find and retrieve the pattern books you bought and develop a preliminary design for at least part of the wall. You will receive another project.

Watch a Flick
Netflix discs have piled up. View at least one and send it back. You have four choices, after all, and a couple hundred more in the queue. You will receive your next selection.

Game On
Some of your Flattops players have submitted bug reports. Have a look at these and deal with them as necessary. You will receive the opposite of a guilt trip, whatever that's called.

Walk the Dogs
Don't neglect your puppies so much. Take them out for a walk. You will receive much appreciation.

Mark my words. No more WoW until all these 20 quests are done.

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