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Progress on the 20 Quests stands as follows:

Taxes, Taxes, Taxes
Finished this last night. With further business-related deductions and proper input of property taxes paid, and that sort of thing, we turned -2500 gold pieces into +1000 gold pieces. That's almost as good as a Philosopher's Stone!

Drawing the Line
Friday, called about a half-dozen surveyors and used one on-line application form to request estimates. Had to leave messages at most, but one guy said probably $1800 for a boundary survey. Yikes. That's far higher than expected.

Fix the Blue Box
Sunday afternoon, examined the problem. Not easy to fix by resolding, so tried superglue. Seems to have done the trick. On to the next quest.

Rule the Galaxy
Saturday 10am-noon: Rated Ace Tournament round 1, my Federation against his Seltorian. Took him out in two turns. He made some bad errors. I left his ship listing and taking on vacuum. Sunday 10am-1pm: World Leagure tournament. Took him out in about five turns. He made more errors than I did, and took only about 10 internals, but had a couple large Gorm plasma enter his Black Shark boat. My two Team Ken teammates got to see the victory. This should ensure our team placed first in this round and give us a better seed for next.

December Panos
No progress.

Saturday afternoon, repaired the broken chain on one side, the broken link for the chain attachment on the other side, and added a third chain for future safety.

Broken Broker
Letter written, sent on Monday.

Room and Board
Saturday afternoon, coated the test board in four sections with different thicknesses of crackling base, so we can see how it looks with different resulting effects. Requires 24-hours drying time.

Living in the Past
All written Saturday afternoon, and photos edited to go along with most of them. See Flower Power, HTML Slave, Birthday Wife, and CSS Boy all in March.

Plain Walls
No progress.

Precision Panos
Found out that the US distributor for the pano heads rents them for $75 to try out. If you end up buying, the rent comes out of the purchase price. That's a good way to go, so I must obtain one to try it to see how well it works. I don't want to spend another $1000 trivially on this pano stuff. Unfortunately they're out of stock on the pano heads for my particular camera model for 3-4 weeks.

What Childcare Is This?
Friday afternoon, followed up on the leads from the CSUN childcare facility. Forwarded information to Shelley. Quest done!

Woman As Object
Shot additional photos and worked on some of the existing ones. Still need to find Mac-based software to make the stills into a QuickTime file.

Too Much Furniture
No progress.

HI There
Made some decisions about dates. Need to check with kennel and get plane tickets.

Piling It On
Looked through a bunch of messages, found a few interesting ones. More to get through. Hard to do many at one sitting.

Walled In
No progress.

Watch a Flick
Coal Miner's Daughter

Game On
Saturday afternoon, had a look at the various Flattops messages and dealt with each of them. Nothing major, should have done so earlier. One guy wanted a couple of late-war versions of two Japanese carriers and the other player reported a deadbeat waiting list hog.

Walk the Dogs
No walk yet, but did play with them a fair amount on Sunday out in the yard while watching another movie on the iBook.

And besides these projects, we gamed on Friday and Saturday evening as normal, plus went over to Jennise's house for her kitchen-renovation-warming party. Good thing we lost only one hour this weekend!

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