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Myz Makes 50
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Even though I didn't quite complete all of those 20 quests, I have been playing WoW and Myzythra has reached level 50 not so long ago. Some game screenshots follow.

Johl, seen from a Gnomish height, resting and wearing his Bad Mojo mask.

Iron Forge's commons area isn't for the squeemish.

Nagas sport some of the most colorful skins of any critters found in Azeroth.

The Un'Goro Crater holds numerous colorful crystal growths. This cave in the crater has even larger and brighter ones.

The Un'Goro Crater is a beautiful area, but deadly to the unwary. This devilsaur fades in and out as it patrols, and has stepped on Myz more than once without any warning whatsoever. This photo is possible only because Myz has gone incorporeal as a result of being squished a bit earlier by this nasty brute.

After a long dry spell without accomplishable solo quests, Myz found lines of people with job openings. With a great sigh of relief, she stepped forward and took on some eight new quests from this one gathering of NPCs.

Myz stops for a portrait in front of a full moon.

Can't a girl get any privacy around here?!?

Because I play mostly at night, much of my perspective takes on a shaded appearance. The game reflects real time, so this is typical.

What will happen if I play too much of this game without doing other things first.

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