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Twisted Ankle
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Last night, for the first time in ages, I went up to Valencia to play volleyball. After less than an hour, however, I was back home. That's thanks to a klutz that stepped way over the line when he landed from hitting, far enough over that I came down on his feet and badly twisted my ankle. Driving home made me wish for an automatic rather than standard transmission.

My rear bike tire is bent out of shape enough that I need a new one, so I had not planned to ride this week anyway, but decided to stay home and rest the ankle today. Watched movies mostly, keeping it elevated and mostly immobile. It was a good day for that.

One thing that I learned from watching Troy today is that apparently people in ancient Turkey (Anatolia) had contact with people living in South America, as evidenced by the llamas appearing amongst the hustle and bustle as farmers living around Troy brought in their farm animals to keep them safe from the approaching Greeks. Sigh.

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