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Cinco de Mayo de Cinco today: 05/05/05. Kind of a rainy, dreary day.

Too long (again) since last post. Here's miscellaneous stuff.

Rescheduled vacation for June 9-23. Here's hoping Shelley gets a staff writer position AND we can still go to Hawai'i during a two-week notice to WB!

Got a bunch of Hawai'i books recently. One about camping, others about birds, fish, natural history, and general tourist things. Gotta start looking at them and making a priority list about what to see and do, and how many islands we'll want to hop around one.

Shelley's belly's beginning to become obvious. Here she is barefoot, pregnant, and in the kitchen.

My new MP3 player arrived. It's decently cute. Not sure yet whether it will be loud enough to hear while cycling, but I will get a little bag to try it out.

Unfortunately it apparently really is only Windows-compatible (via MusicMatch jukebox). I had been hoping to just drag and drop music files onto the player through the Mac. That can be done, but the player doesn't find them.

Further investigation of the player's flash card contents shows that it keeps track of music files through an SQLite database. That being the case, geek that I am, I tried employing the Perl DBI::SQLite module in hopes that it could be used to read and modify the contents. After a couple hours of playing around it with, though, no joy.

It may be possible to access the player database manually through the Mac, but possibly not. The Perl program indicates the database may be encrypted. Or I need to learn more about SQLite. I'm not sure which. In any case, the new Mac OS (Tiger) has built-in support for SQLite, apparently, so after I get that we may make more progress.

And the Warcracking continues. 'Nuff said.

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