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While working in the garage this morning, Shelley heard a peeping and fluttering noise inside one of the walls. On closer examination, it turns out that a little grey bird had somehow fallen down between two studs, behind the paneling.

Up high on the wall we have wooden shelving, where the paneling starts. At the level of the shelf, the paneling stops and the studs open up (which is how he got down in there), so we climbed up to the shelf (top ladder rung), shone a light down in, and could see the little guy.

No way to reach him whatsoever, and it seemed unlikely that if we lowered a rope he would grab and hold on with his beak, so what to do?

Luckily the join between two panels occurred on the stud right next to the bird, so we moved stuff to get at it, then pried open the paneling slowly until he could escape. He flew up to the rafters where he's remained, chirping to another bird outside.

He appears to be juvenile, although old enough to fly. We hope he leaves the garage soon, but seems none the worse for his adventure, so it's unlikely he was trapped for long.

Here's another friend that dropped by this morning. He and his mate have been hanging around for at least the last week or so. We enjoy their calls.

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