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Wringing of Hands
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For those of you who don't read Kenny's journal, he recently announced that he and Jenn are separating. Both of them play a huge friendship role in our lives, so of course it affects us at some level just by happening, and potentially much deeper depending on how everything resolves.

Whether the two of them remain close friends, whether their interests begin to diverge too much, whether our weekly foursome gaming nights continue... all remain to be seen.

Last time some good friends of ours split we pretty much lost touch with one of them completely. I hope history does not repeat in this case. I don't have a good feel for it either way, but I wonder that something special won't be lost even if we're all together like old times.

Either way, the feeling of being in the middle of a splitting couple -- even when the separation is friendly -- reminds me greatly of my parents' split oh so long ago, although was most definitely not friendly. Valuing both parties makes it awkward at times, no doubt.

Well, here's to moving on, but keeping some things the same.


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