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Hawai'i 20/20
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So... there I was lying on the table in the accupuncturist's office again this morning, and I suddenly realized that they can make snorkeling goggles with built-in corrective lenses, and wouldn't it be a good idea to get a pair before we head out for vaction? Yes, I thought, it would!

So I got right on it, and of course had to pay a little more for a rush job, but I shall now be able to enjoy the undersea vistas substantially more than would otherwise be the case. I anticipate snorkelling almost every day so the new prescription mask will be nice to have.

Over the past couple of weeks we have purchased a new tent, a couple new Camelback water backpacks, new binocs, new sleeping pads, and books about the Hawai'ian flora and fauna and general things to do and see. We're both looking forward to this fling quite a bit.

And speaking of acupuncture, the swelling in my ankle disappeared overnight from my first visit! It was amazing! I've had a couple more follow-ups to go the full course of treatments, but what a difference that first one made. I think it will still take a bit to heal fully, but the swelling reduction goes a long way toward that.

At the moment there is still some pain, and a definite lack of flexibility, but next time I will pay more attention to it and not let it go so long.

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