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One thing about making 60th level in World of Warcraft: the invitations to participate in raids and high-level dungeons pour in. Apparently being merely 59th level isn't sufficient. There's not a session I play now where someone doesn't want Myzythra's help.

The first big raid Myz participated in was one designed to take down a mighty demon called Kazzak. A maximum of 40 people can join for a raid, so the leaders of this one gathered that number of level-60 characters together, from all over the place. To reiterate, that's forth level-sixty characters.

40 x 60.

How'd we do? We got wiped. Four times. This Lord Kazzak may be the worst enemy in the whole game. I don't know how many hit points he has, but if one of our party dies, it feeds him 75,000 hit points. (Myz has about 3,000.) If spellcasters attacking him drops to 0 mana, they explode, doing 4,000 damage to everyone nearby. Further, if the fight lasts longer than three minutes, he goes berzerk. That means he gets REALLY mean and powerful.

The stream of dead shuffling from graveyard back to Kazzak attack.

Anyway, this particular raid didn't take long to become very boring. Out of the four attempts, we did get Kazzak down to about 50% one time. Between the reorganization for each attempt, people would come and go. We'd finally all get ready, run up, and die quickly. Ho hum.

Assuming we did finish him off, I'm not sure what reward, if any, would be received. Some magic items of high power, probably, would go to one or two people, by lot, so the chance of even getting something for all the effort ain't high.

In my second raid on Friday night, this time in a dungeon with only ten people, I ended up with a super new wand. It was getting discouraging with all the sub-bosses dropping armor, swords, etc., but right at the end, the really big boss had a wand no one else even wanted, and since I have specialized in wands it pleased me no end.

Myz with Bonecreepr Stylus: Be Afraid!

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