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Johl's Dreadsteed
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Hey look, another World of Warcraft journal entry! Woo hoo!

On Saturday morning, to help Kenny's warlock Johl obtain his epic mount (a Dreadsteed), Myzythra joined a small party of adventurers headed for Dire Maul. A mere six hours later, he had his new beasty! (Read all about it.)

The adventure turned out to take far longer than we expected, but at least we triumphed in the end so there's no need to go back through all that. Myz picked up a nice quest in there, however, and does need to go back for it, although it should not take nearly so long.

A few snaps of the final summoning and the Dreadsteed:

Part of the summoning circle as gremlins and demons charge into it, against us, en masse.

The orginal Dreadsteed lies on the ground while the new tamed one awaits Johl's bidding. Johl pumps an arm as he acquires the beast from its former demon master.

Johl on his new Dreadsteed in Iron Forge, showing off!

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