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Cursed Cheaters
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A couple days ago one of the people who subscribes to my online game questioned whether players could change the URL for the map, and see the opponent's forces. Apparently he had some highly unusual results in his game that led him to think it might be possible.

It turns out they could. :-(

Of course I have players' accounts and games protected with passwords, but apparently I missed something in the map-drawing routine's parameter acceptance area, thus allowing people to just switch the values for which side to show. Thus they could see the opponent's forces on the map very easily.


How many people may have done this in the past I have no way to know, and I'm very embarrassed to have missed that vulnerability in the system. It has been corrected now, and I gave the guy who reported it a free year's subscription to the game.

I expect that most of the players who enjoy Fighting Flattops would not stoop to cheating that way, but perhaps some did. It never ceases to amaze me the way people will find loopholes to exploit rather than simply enjoying the game for its own sake.

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