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Raining Babies
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We had a baby shower this weekend!

Many and much sincere thanks to Brenda, Jenn, and Jennise for organizing a great par-tay at our place on Saturday. A shower of baby gifts fell upon us, showing the wonderful generosity of friends and family, both present and absent. It makes for a very warm and fuzzy feeling inside.

The past week has seen 100-degree days the entire time, so we stayed inside with the air conditioning after much house and yard cleaning over the past week.

My mom came down from Idaho, Brenda flew in from Texas, and Vince and his kids came down from Clovis. We also had locals Jenn and Kenny, Arlo, Patti, Jennise, and Lynn stop by. No silly baby games, just fun hanging out and eating, unwrapping gifts, and talking geek smack.

Not present but sending good vibes: Great-grandmas Bessie and Wilma, grandma Di, siblings Greg and Krista, plus friends Diane and Keith. Also, of course, further family Donnie, JoAnn, Amanda, and Kayla.

After the main event, we had a 5-Angel LAN party for World of Warcraft. Three 21-inch iMacs lined up on the table plus two Windows machines in the same room made for a cool prelude to Thanksgiving when we'll try to fit even more boxes into the same area.

One small unexpected event: Mom got to stay an additional night because of a bomb scare to a flight out of Burbank. That caused much disruption at the airport. This is reason enough in my mind to bring back cruel and unusual punishment. There's just no reasonable reason for one person to be able to cause such a mess. I hope they catch and convict that one and then do unspeakable things to him. Same goes for all (would-be) terrorists.

Shelley at the shower; we got these great matching shirts in Hawai'i last month. (Photo by Jenn.)

Shelley with baby-tummy!

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