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Not So Well

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Shelley dropped me off at CSUN this morning so that I could ride with the bike club, in preparation for the Cool Breeze Century in a couple weeks. The planned route was 57 miles, so the additional 13 from CSUN to home looked like a good workout, going up to 70 from 52 two weeks ago.

And it was. We rode up and over Topanga Canyon pass and down to the Pacific, then back up and over via Malibu Canyon. The first 50 miles weren't too bad (just hot and often slow), but at mile 54 -- almost back to CSUN -- my right thigh cramped up so bad I wish that kind of pain on terrorists.

I told the two people still left of our group to go on without me (martyr!) and I kind of coasted along for a mile until a Seven-Eleven where I took half an hour for a powerbar, banana, water, and Coke slurpee.

The rest of the way home wasn't much fun -- a bit of nausea, very hot -- but I took it really easy and stopped in the shade for a while. I suppose it was a combination of the previous exertion, 90+ temperature, too much sun (forgot to apply lotion), and/or food, but it took far longer than usual to make it back home.

At the moment I'm fine, but a bit tired. This ride probably generated better-than-needed conditioning for the century, because though the century is longer, it's much more temperate, and in fact, usually cool and breezy.

Tonight: the Angels take on Zul'Farrak.

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