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Quite by accident the other day I came across an ad for the ProudBody pregnancy casting kit. I think it was a Google ad either in my email or a web search. Anyway, we decided to order one and try it out, which we did today.

It's quite fun! Slather Shelley's front in Vaseline, then cover her with plaster-laden bandages. Let them dry, peel off the result, and you have a 3-D cast of her great belly suitable for painting, hanging, and displaying.

It's a brilliant idea and their web site shows quite a few clever results from some imaginitive people. At the moment Shelley's remains propped up and drying on our living room table.

We haven't decided exactly how to finish it off, so we welcome your suggestions. (A large duck on the front?)

Just finised casting. Quite a mess! Good thing they provide a drop-cloth.

Dry cast. Suggestions for finishing?

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