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First Pro Shoot
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So... whatever happened to the panorama-making endeavour? Life, I guess.

Warcraft to some extent – playing so often in that game is like living in a panorama, being that it's an immersive environment that lets you look all around. Why spend time shooting panos of the real world that never change when you can live in them and interact with them and have other people within them doing the same thing?

Anyway, once in a while I do get calls or emails from people expressing interest in virtual tours. Way back in May one guy wanted a quote so I gave him one. That seemed to be the end of it, but then last week he called back and said let's go! And he wanted it real soon.

His project is a simple shoot of a house that's to be given away in a raffle. He had arranged a still-photographer to shoot on Tuesday so that was my only chance. Thus, I decided to take an early long lunch and run out to Agoura Hills, a half-hour drive from campus.

That was no problem BUT before shooting even one panorama my camera's proprietary battery died. Now, I had thought of recharging it last night, but the display said it had full power. So you can imagine my embarrassment and frustration. He called a camera store 10-minutes back toward town, and (luckily) they said they had a charged battery to sell me, so I drove back to get it.

By the time I found the place, however, I would have had only 30 minutes to shoot the whole house, which is way too rushed. So, I phoned him back and told him I'd be out again at 3:30 because I had to go back to campus for a 2:00 meeting. Sigh.

The rest of the afternoon turned out okay despite much driving. The second battery worked fine and I got some decent panoramas with it, using my new Precision 360 head with a still camera. I think the first battery just wasn't charged enough, or was right at the edge of appearing to be charged.

Gotta run the files through post-production over the next few days and get them off to him. Lost a bunch of "profit" for the extra gas, and new battery, but hey, at least I have a backup one now.

After that, more panos? I dunno. I have several pano projects I'd like to do, that's for sure. Just not sure when right now.

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