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Baby's first county fair yesterday!

Baby's first trip to the office today!

We're all tired!

We greatly enjoyed the LA County Fair yesterday, mostly because not so many people attend on a weekday. We visited all the usual attractions that we like, plus discovered a couple new ones.

We found out that the main livestock barn no longer holds simply a grid of pens for various animals, but now sports various shaped pens, all of which have mommy and baby animals in easy-to-see-and-pet arrangements. (They still have regular pens in some of the other barns, but not the really big one that most people visit.)

Of course we expected and enjoyed the usual fair foods, but came upon one new to both of us: deep-fried Oreo cookies! We could not resist the tempation so we got a batch covered with a chocolate sauce (they also offered strawberry). It seems they put the cookies in a thin batter, then drop them in a frying oil briefly. We'll have to try making some at home and sharing them with other brave souls.

We also has the pleasure of seeing a small parade of three local marching bands, a few emergency vehicles, a float, and some seemingly random people riding in unmarked cars. Plus the Budweiser Clydesdale team. A strange mix overall, but enjoyable to watch.

Another new thing we found as dusk fell: a horse-and-carriage competition for elegant coaches and teams of horses. We're talking gaslight era period-costumes with refurbished antique carriages. Think Rolls-Royce stagecoaches and you'll get the picture. The headlamps on the sides even had real candles lit within. In a word: exquisite.

Early this morning we took Kelley in to Shelley's office and showed her off. For six hours, in three different buildings at WB! Much cooing and cawing, and comparing her face to both of ours. The jury says she looks more like me than Shelley. Shrug. I hope not.

We had planned to take her to CSUN today as well, but we decided to come home instead and take her there next week.

And now, some fair photos:

Like mommy, like mommy.

One of the table-setting entries for this year, winning the theme Tour de France.

An entry in the ceramic crafts area. Take a close look at one of the meatballs and one of the desserts.

Part of the 30,000 sq. ft. outdoor miniature train exhibit.

Oh, the nutricious fair foods we love so much!

Mom?!? You ate those?!? You know I get them next, right?!?

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