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Today, more rain! (I had forgotten how dreary upstate New York can be, but I do appreciate the change from Southern California too.)

The persistent weather did enhance our first day away from baby, however. Gasp! Yes, we actually ditched baby and headed out to see a movie! Namely, Serenity. And what a movie! It easily vaults into our top-ten list of all time. It's hard to say anything about the movie itself without giving away core elements, but it's a must-see for any fan of Firefly, because it serves to continue the story of that outstanding short-lived science-fiction series. Go see it.

When I say "ditched the baby," I really mean "left Kelley with her grandmother who was extremely happy to have her to herself all afternoon." A bargain all around, I say :-)

PS. Happy birthday to my sister Krista!

Mommy and grandma give baby a bath in the sink.

One very wet autumn-colored tree (shot from the comfort of the living room).

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