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Everybody Hates Hugo
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We arrived home from travelling back east only to find that our power had gone out for a short while a couple days ago. As a result, our TiVo did not switch channels when we wanted it to record Lost, so it seems we'd have to wait for a re-run or borrow a recording from someone. With Lost, each episode builds on previous ones, so this situation disappointed us.

But... I just *happened* to visit the Apple iTunes store today to look for a copy of a song called Benzie Rover, and discovered that Lost is one of the half-dozen ABC shows recently made available for the new video iPods (or other viewing devices) thanks to a deal between Apple and Disney (who owns ABC).

As a result, for a mere $1.99 I can (and did) download and keep the full episode (commercial-free) of "Everybody Hates Hugo" and watch it on my 20-inch iMac at my convenience. Don't try this at home, though, unless you have broadband, because the file tops 191 megabytes.

You can also buy all episodes of season one of Lost if you want to catch up on the series. We'll continue to watch Lost on the regular TV for now, but iTunes is a good backup source, and I do expect that we'll be seeing a great migration of TV shows to this kind of service. After all, why should we have to watch a TV show on a TV?

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