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150,000 Calories
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"Energy," the theme of this fall's World Wide Panorama, manifested itself in many ways, though mostly for production and delivery. Many people shot mills (wind, water, steel, etc.) but others captured other kinds of production use, or even energetic kids.

My take on it: 150,000 Calories.

Following are some of the panoramas that I most enjoyed of the set, either for technical prowess or particular photogenic qualities or fit to theme. They're listed alphabetically by photographer, and I recommend viewing their full-screen versions for best enjoyment.

Nice multiple-exposure of a dog running around. Must go through a ton of batteries every week.

Power Lines
Power lines aren't normally that exciting, but this one's well-done. Be sure to look up.

From Model to Reality
Interesting composition combining full-color, sepia-tone, and inverse-negative aspects in one panorama.

Save Energy with Bikes
Boring opening view, but look down and behind. Well done, up-close shot.

The Oaxtepec Greenhouse
A dome greenhouse with interesting matrices all above and around.

Energy Headquarters
Many tall, shiny buildings with great reflections.

Brooklyn Wind Turbine
Glorious wide vista, shot from a kite. I still don't understand how they produce such things.

Hello Vienna - Zurich Calling!
Shot inside a phone booth, nice touch with the outside out of focus.

The Turnover of Energy in Nature
World of Warcraft players may feel déjà vu here.

Kilauea Iki
Not an outstanding panorama, but we were there in June.

Top of a Wind Turbine
Not the typical wind-turbines-on-the-horizon shot. He shot out the top of one! Acrophobes beware.

Untapped Child Labour
Will this be Kelley in a few years? Terrific multiple-exposure shot. Be sure to look down!

Wind energy in Denmark-Vindmøller
A field of sunflowers by one of today's preeminent panographers.

Potato Casserole
Shot inside an oven. Not quite sure how, but well-done, in more than one sense.

Beach Volleyball
How can I not include bikini-clad babes in this list?

To-date there have been some 550 individuals participate in the WWP, but there are only 30 of us who have made all seven themes. :-)

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