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If you haven't already switched to Firefox as your Internet browser, you really should (don't worry, a new installation of Firefox will import all your favorites/bookmarks and other settings if you prefer). Pop-up blockers, speed, security, tabbed browsing – all kinds of reasons. So much better than that Microsoft default browser. But enough evangelism.

Assuming you have seen the light and made the switch, go get yourself a copy of FoxyTunes, a free downloadable extension that allows you to control iTunes (or other media players) from a tiny bar at the bottom of your web browser window. You can see the track listing as well as all the usual buttons for volume, track manipulation, pausing play, etc. No more need to have to jump to the iTunes player window to see the current track title or anything else. It's one of many free extensions you can add to Firefox.

To see your current extensions or get others, select Tools / Extensions. Others I'm using include Fangs (for emulating a screen reader to test our college web site compliance for visually impaired access), Gmail Notifier (adds a tiny icon to show new messages arriving in Gmail), HTML Validator (shows problems with a web page's controlling language), PDF Download (provides choice of viewing PDF files within the web browser or downloading separatly). There's also an extension for managing grocery lists – still looking at this one, not sure about it yet, but it may allow multi-machine access to a shopping list which may prove useful.

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