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Our festive college staff decided to have a dress-up contest for Halloween this year, so I dusted off and donned my old SCA armor and garb, and wore it round all day. The mail hauberk really weighs down after more than a few hours, but it's not too bad just doing office work.

Anyway. For category "Most Unique" my colleagues chose my get-up for top placing. As long as I continue to change jobs at least once a year, I'll never need another costume.

One of the departments, Client Services, went all-out on decorating their office area. They not only transformed it into Alice's Wonderland, but set up a half-dozen different areas to perform skits as they brought groups of people through for short performances in each one.

In the afternoon they lost their Wise Old Caterpiller and asked me to substitute for him. My under-armor red sweatshirt, and, especially, green coif fit into their scheme well, so I effectively had two costumes for the day.

By the way, did you see any of the new-fangled white pumpkins this year? They were new for me, saw them in a number of places. I'm not sure whether they're just blanched or some new variety of pumpkin or squash. But they're cool, in a bony, skull-looking way.

Taking a breather.

Who are you?

Laugh while you can, monkey-boy!

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