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Two-Week Gap
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The last two weeks... have come and gone without me noticing.

Didn't play any Warcraft for 10 days straight, but then played a fair amount this weekend, some with a rather unhappy baby on the lap or strapped to my chest. Gul topped out on the last day of October and has recently trekked out on several solo dragon-killing expeditions to earn money for a fast cat.

Baby had her first entire day alone with daddy on Saturday while mommy networked. We've been having Tuesday evenings to ourselves as well, because mommy's attending a friend's scriptwriting class. As a result, we've been watching a fair number of movies, or reading, because keyboarding at the computer isn't all that easy with one hand (if you get even that).

Back to volleyball last night! The ankle held, but yikes my muscles and joints got a harsh workout. By tonight or tomorrow they will be having their revenge. No matter, we had 27 people there, and most with good attitudes and not too cliquish, so a good time.

My boss approved my request to start and leave work an hour earlier each day, with daylight savings in effect, so I'm still cycling both ways to work and not taking the train home in the evening. That may change in December, but for now it means an earlier bedtime.

After a two-week delay resulting from Lowe's running out of stucco mix, we finally finished the brown coat for the whole yard. Now we need to move on to applying the top coat, let that cure for a month, then paint and stencil. After that, we need to build the raised beds in front of the wall, and have some good dirt delivered to fill them up.

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