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Jenn has a journal post for today that's interesting (Journal Meme). I don't usually play along with these meme things, but I like this one, so here goes.

Here are the first sentences of my journal posts for each month of 2005's first entries:

Our friends Jenn and Kenny got themselves totally into an massive-multi-player online fantasy role-playing-type game called World of Warcraft about a month ago, and because of their enthusiastic praise for it we asked for copies from Santa Mom, who came through.

Oh what a relief it is to have finally decided what to do about the new job offer: take it.

Without warning, the new mid-plane assembly unit showed up via delivery truck.

Although CSUN was closed yesterday for Cesar Chavez Day, I had been planning to fill the day with various chores, menial tasks, errands, etc., because my WoW characters had exhausted their rest bonuses (which means they don't advance as fast while being played.)

Cinco de Mayo de Cinco today: 05/05/05. Kind of a rainy, dreary day.

We woke this morning to the sounds of a persistent helicopter buzzing the area.

No Origins for us again this year, but we did game a lot this weekend anyway.

You all know the lines from Buckaroo Banzai, right?

Watching all the Katrina coverage leaves me with really mixed emotions.

We laid the new slate tile kitchen floor yesterday, after installing the brilliant track lighting to replace the bare flourescent tubes we had on the ceiling.

Our festive college staff decided to have a dress-up contest for Halloween this year, so I dusted off and donned my old SCA armor and garb, and wore it round all day.

Would you let the person who created the image below teach art to your kids in school?

Well, there it is. A mini year in review. A fuller review is forthcoming, in the last week of the year.

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