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Will the Flat Spot Ever Heal?
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The flat spot? The one on the front of my head. From banging it on a wall.

For last few weeks I've been trying to get a piece of code working to automatically emulate a person sitting at a computer using a web browser to go through a series of web pages, in order to register for a class without suffering through the lameness that is the university registration site.

For the most part, this has gone steadily and smoothly, however a while ago I hit a barrier that just wouldn't go away.

If there's one thing I've supposedly learned when it comes to such a situation in the past, it's to ask someone else for help or insight. That always works. But I'm stubborn, have too much pride, want to do my own work, and don't want to bother others for something that I should be able to deal with.

Well, the lesson is repeated. I've been recycling history. Bad archaeologist, bad!

On the other hand, I *finally* did ask someone and got the problem resolved in a few minutes.

Thanks, Kenny.

What's the big deal? Well, the module I'm using automatically accepts redirects from a web page, but only when using GET requests and not POST ones. Unless you add one line of code to tell it to use POST as well. (Not sure that this is documented, but if it is, it wasn't where I looked in the part about redirects automatically happening.)

Do that, and the code works as expected.

And the boss is happy.

Same for me.

Lesson learned.


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