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Clovis and Cars
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Skipping over the recent lacunae of journal entries, I'll get right to the good stuff.

Long holiday weekend in Clovis visiting friends: good!

Baby's first car shopping: fun!

Okay, more details.

We drove up to Clovis Saturday morning, through rain and rainbow, to see Vince, Shay, Gage, and little Sully. We had much gaming and eating of Vince's family's traditional holiday beirocks (pasties stuffed with cabbage and sausage). We also had much devotion to Kelley and Sully doing all their baby and 3-year-old things they do (or don't do).

On our return Monday afternoon, we began the actual car shopping to replace our Honda Accord (209,000 miles and showing it more and more every day), which we've put off for a while. Baby seemed to like looking at all the shiny new cars on the dealer's lot. We did too, especially when no dealers bothered us while we browsed.

We've been researching vehicles and looking into initial financing stuff over the past couple weeks, and have pretty much settled down on a new Subaru Forester. It's kind of a cross between an SUV and a wagon: a little more height, but not so massive as to really eat up the gas (about 22/28 MPG). And they have an excellent reputation amongst people we know as well as superlative Consumer Reports ratings.

We'll probably take one out for a test drive on the weekend, then settle on the options package we want. It may be a while before we actually get the thing, though, because it seems the options we want aren't a normal package, plus a factory-rebate ends on Jan. 31 and we don't want to rush this (so may wait for the next rebate period).

New car payments: bleh. Having none for the past five years has spoiled us.

New car features: yay! Having no working radio or electrical outlets for our gadgets has been vexing, plus this one will have many more airbags all around.

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