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FINALLY! Gmail has a delete button! Woo, woo, WOOT!

They finally got it into their heads that some people have email that they want to go away. Forever. I don't care if their storage capacity is infinite, there are many messages that I want to go away, not just sit around forever in my archives. It's always been possible to delete messages, but one had to use a drop-down menu, which is a pain compared to using a single button visible with the message itself.

And in other news...

At work: today added the ability to link our course listings directly into the campus bookstore database so that students can look up the books for the course with one link click rather than using a seven-step process to wade through pop-up menus to do the same thing on the bookstore's site. This required a fair amount of study and work with Perl's LWP module, but once I figured out how the bookstore web site looked up classes, it was easy to make the link from our database-driven course listings directly.

And in other, other news...

My online game players have been clamoring for some bug fixes and a way to rate the many scenarios available in the game. Now they have both. The scenario rating systems lets the players rank each scenario they have actually played and leave comments about it. The overall list shows an average of all the ratings and displays all the comments. This system ought to take care of those requests, so that people can help each other avoid bad scenarios and give constructive suggestions for the designers to impove their scenarios.

And there was much rejoicing.

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