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Junk Yard Dog
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As I mentioned yesterday, we want to add some components to our new buggy. Specifically, a roof rack with bike mounts and a cargo cover for the rear area.

We can get these parts online and install them ourselves, but they're still a combined couple hundred bucks from

So... why not turn to the amazing Internet just to see what might be out there? Perhaps there's a junk yard selling such components from wrecked vehicles.

And lo! Even better! Junk Yard Dog has *exactly* this sort of service. Tell it the make and model of the car, the kind of component you need, and they contact a whole bunch of junkyards for it, for no cost.

Truly, I doubt we'll find what we need in this case, but might as well look and see what might be available, at least for comparison shopping with very little effort.

Some days I just love the 'net!

(OK, most days :-)


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