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Odeur de Voiture Neuve
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Yay Us!

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OK guys, we're ready to go!

Somehow, between bouts of WoW and boardgaming, we bought our new car this weekend. The same day we rolled the wagon to 210,000 miles we rolled the CR-V to 100. That's pretty cool.

We've never had a car with ye olde new car smell (odeur de voiture neuve) before. So far it's everything we wanted. The Honda dealer called this afternoon to ask whether we had any questions or concerns about it, but we don't.

It's so nice to be able to step down out of the car rather than step down into it, and conversly, to climb up into it rather than climb up out of it. It will definitely make parking easier, because so often the curbs are high enough to block the passenger door from opening. It also makes for an easier, less head-hitting experience getting baby in and out.

We remain undecided on personalized plates at the moment. I just checked to find that neither IRONFRG nor LEVEL60 are taken, but the latter will be less meaningful in a few months when the WoW expansion appears. LEVEL70 is available too, so maybe get that now. Despite the suggestions, we've just not had the "that's it!" feeling toward the contenders.

Rather than hold up the new car or involve more negotiating, we did not buy it with a couple of add-ons that we want. Plus, we found an online parts supplier that offers better prices. We want to get a cargo cover for the back area, plus a roof rage, and bike rack to go on it. We'll order those soon enough and put them on ourselves. No sense paying a dealer to do it.

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