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Strange Phone Call
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Yesterday afternoon, while working at home, a strange phone call came in.

After I said "hello?" a few times, a woman with a very heavy Indian accent came on. It took me a few moments to figure out what she was saying, because her accent was so strong, but it turned out to be something about the domain, and was I Ken Stuart, and something about registration, and where could she fax materials.

Once I figured out what she was saying, my response was, essentially, "Yeah right; if you have materials to send, and you found my phone number, then you can find my email address and send them there; good-bye." End of phone call as I hung up on her.

Then it dawned on me: she just called our *home* number, which is unlisted. I jumped on Dotster where I have all my domains registered, thinking that I had somehow put that number there, but no, it's my cell phone number. Thus, I'm not at all sure how she connected the address to our home number.

If she calls back I'll attempt to find out.

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