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Rain Cometh
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The weatherpeople tell us to expect two full inches of rain tonight and another two tomorrow! Woot!! We've not had much this season, especially compared to last year's near-record-setting downpours. I'm looking forward to it, in case that wasn't obvious.

Despite getting new bike wheels over a week ago and starting to ride again for two whole days in a row, I've been driving to work since, because it's been in the low thirties, which is pretty chilly on a bike in the morning. Plus, we have an extra car for now, so my laziness and comfort won out.

Given the rain today, tomorrow, and more likely at the end of the week, the car driving will continue. Today, though, I've got the new one, and daycare duty to boot. Kelley was all smiles when I left her – she obviously likes the place. She's sitting up now, for the most part, if placed that way. She can topple like an unrighting weeble though.

Not too much WoWing this weekend, but there was some fun on Thursday when a large one-time event happened. So many people logged on to participate and gather in one area that the server crashed four or five times. Events like that serve to keep interest in the game, but drive up frustration levels almost to the breaking point.

Alright, back to work. Maybe. The database server we've been relying on ain't functioning right now. That means significant portions of our web site don't work. No resolution time predicted. Not good.

Anyway, stay dry.

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