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My Panoscan system sold on eBay today. I tried to sell it about a year ago, but got only a single bid, and it significantly below my reserve price. A little while later someone saw the expired page for it and almost bought it, but insisted I also throw in the iBook, and reduce the price, which I was not willing to do at the time.

I then held it back for a while, being indecisive as always, but put it up again for auction this January, this time with the iBook because it would help sell the system as a whole, which is *entirely* useless and valueless without the iBook to me if the iBook were to die. Still no bids. Got an email yesterday that eBay was having a special 10-cent listing day for buy-it-now items (which is a big savings on the eBay listing price), and it sold today, after a few messages back and forth with the potential buyer.

This seems to be just a matter of timing, happening to post when someone with a good wad of cash was looking. Anyway, I've got to get it all packed up and shipped out tomorrow. He even sent me a FedEx account number to expedite the process.

Certainly I am sad to be losing the iBook, for it's been my constant companion on many WoW sessions, and we find it very useful for watching movies in the car, and having Internet access at the kitchen counter or outside in the hammock. On the other hand, it's now at least three years old, and it was a low-end model when I bought it, so best to get what value out of it as can be obtained. (I'll have to get my boss to follow through on her promise to set me up with a laptop for my summer travels, now, and use that at home for work.)

As for the Panoscan itself, I've learned lessons about doing more research into such high-tech gadgets (quite a surprise to me to learn that it worked only with Macs that would boot natively into Mac OS 9, for example, and that I barely managed to get the last such model made), and having better plans for endeavours in the first place. We definitely took a financial hit on this whole project, but came away with a fair bit of knowledge I didn't have, plus a trip to Italy, and recently arranged related projects that are in the works, of which more later.

I hope this system finds a good home. I'm certainly looking forward to having a lot of closet space back.

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