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Did you know a second official Dungeons & Dragons movie came out? We didn't, until seeing a reference to it on the D & D Online web site. It seems hard to believe after the first one did so poorly, but in face another one has come out, although it went directly to DVD (or may have been made for TV, not sure).

It's called Dungeons & Dragons: Wrath of the Dragon God and watched it recently. It's clear that they didn't put their budget into big-name actors, however they did not skimp on special effects. I recommend it to all who are into the genre, even if you thought the first one sucked.

Also recently out on DVD is Mazes & Monsters, from 1982. Somehow this movie escaped my attention completely until Jenn mentioned it a couple weeks ago. What a terrible movie! It's the one where Tom Hanks attempts to portray a role-playing gamer who gets carried away and takes the game to real life. Various bad things happen, all portraying D & D in a bad light. Acting, effects, story, all of it suck in this flick.

As for the Oscars last night, the only one of the best-picture nominees we've seen is Crash, which took Best Picture. I highly recommend it and am quite pleased it took the top honor. (Don't confuse this movie with one of the same name – but not same story – from 1996.)

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