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Cats and Colds
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Last night we attended Cats, at the Pantages Theatre in Hollywood, on those tickets I won from MetroLink.

Would I see it again and again? Nope. Despite catching it in person and hearing it countless times on CD, I still don't understand its point. Part of that may arise from the fact that I find it very difficult to hear lyrics and storeyline when multiple characters oversing one another.

This is a general problem in musicals for me, or at least some of them. I have no problem with Sound of Music where there seems to be a coherent plot, but with Cats, there doesn't seem to be one. As far as I can make out, mostly the cats just tell us their names.

The production itself appeared professional, and there was a lot of dancing and singing and antics and lighting effects on stage, and those were all very nice. Our seats were kind of far back and the place sold out for this opening performance on a five-day run.

And in other news... been home since Monday with a fever, sore throat, swollen neck lymph node, all that kind of thing. Totally blech. Luckily the cold medicine and chewing gum got me through the show last night without being a total boor hacking and sneezing to disturb others nearby.

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