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Bachelor Week
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Shelley and Kelley have left to visit back east for an entire week, leaving me the run of the house, with only a couple doggies for company.

During this time I plan to work on my online game as much as possible, and play minimal Warcraft (believe it or not). There are a number of things to work on, including allowing the two sides to capture each others' bases, and implement a fatigue system for their units, which would make a campaign version much more realistic.

In addition, I hope to work on a number of other player-submitted suggestions, do away with frames, convert the entire game to use only CSS (no tables), do away with frames, and implement as much Ajax as possible.

It's a lot to do in a week, but there won't be an oppotunity like this for quite a while. (A baby banging on a keyboard makes it hard to concentrate when coding.)

(By the way, I've recently back-posted a couple entries that you might want to catch up, through "Borders" on the 5th.)

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