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Hearing Impaired
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Even though most symptoms have cleared up from last week, my ear tubes remain clogged, and my hearing's down 25% or so. Kind of weird going about daily life that way, with a partial impediment. I cannot wait for it to clear up!

The doctor had prescribed 12-hour Sudafed for 4-5 days, but it does not appear to have made much of a difference. I called him about it today, and he initially wanted me to continue that drug, but he said he would phone in a prescription for steroids to try early next week if no improvement.

However, he immediately changed his mind and wants me to start on the steroids tomorrow, after I told him I have to fly on Monday (I'm going up to San Francisco for a couple days for a work-related conference). Flying has the potential to be painful, which is why I mentioned it.

And in the meantime I'm converting my online game to use CSS, a vital step to taking advantage of Ajax in the near future.

I'm not playing much WoW these days because some of the most die-hard people with whom I frequently played have decided to quit altogether. Even though that's the case, Shelley, Jenn, and I played through an instance last night with a couple pick-up folks and had a great evening with the game. I'll probably level off to one night a week for a while, although I am definitely looking forward to the expansion pack later this year.

Oh yeah, Baby can crawl now, and practically walk. Time to get the house's sharp edges padded, outlets plugged, and all small items within three feet of the floor moved higher or packed away for a while.

Good luck to Brenda and Paul as they are participating in a 24-hour walk for raising cancer research funding!

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