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Going to San Francisco
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My job description at CSUN includes items related to marketing our college via web sites, so my boss told me to find and attend a couple of conferences related to that this year, especially given my lack of marketing background. I did find a very few related meetings, and showed her the range.

One she picked starts tomorrow morning and lasts for two days. It's rather expensive so I truly hope we get something useful from it. One of my colleagues in the publications dept. will also be attending, so we at least ought to be able to attend the majority of sessions. (Another my boss picked focuses on educational institutions, but it's not until late October in Rochester, NY.)

eM6 is run by the eMarketing Association, apparently a business-oriented group that tells companies how to take advantage of the web to expand their markets. I admit total skepticism that this will provide anything useful to us, but perhaps a nice surprising insight or data point will come along to change my mind.

Thankfully Burbank has direct flights to S.F., so I'll catch a cab over and head up early this afternoon and get all settled in before things pick up first thing in the morning. Maybe enjoy a bit of late afternoon sun on the wharfs there.

The most annoying thing about this trip will be a lack of 'net connectivity. I had ordered a portable computer over a month ago but apparently our purchasing staff isn't too swift, and so it's not yet arrived. If the conference is worth its salt it will have some access points, but I cannot count on that, so I might be offline until Wednesday night.

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