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Dear Ears
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Eh? What? Speak up, shonny!

Stupid ears. They remain plugged, despite a week of steroids. Doc has now referred me to a specialist, but not meeting until next Wednesday. In the meantime my voice is too loud, my music players are maxed out, and we have the movie projector cranked up too. Sigh. SIGH (loud enough to hear that time).

No problem with air pressure on the plane though, which surprised me.

The conference turned out as expected. Not much new under the sun: use common sense; engage; personalize; look for and buy less-used search engine terms; adapt to take advantage of new media such as RSS feeds, podcasts, and phone-based text messaging if possible.

Worst thing about the conference turned out to be the meals and networking sessions. Not for the food, but for the sheer cacophany. Despite having reduced hearing, in a situation like that all the background noise somehow became louder than ever. Such gatherings can get strident, but in this case it was overwhelming. I had to leave as soon as possible and couldn't even have a decent meal and try to talk to people right next to me because I could barely hear them.

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