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Four Eyes
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Can't wear contacts? Scared of eye surgery? Hate your glasses sliding all around?

Check out this innovative new glasses solution for all of the above.

Sheesh. Imagine getting hit in the face by a volleyball with those things on (in?)!

No thanks!

We had a baby-intensive weekend just past. Lots of stay-at-home time, with her wanting to walk around the house again and again and again. She's really enjoying reaching new heights, even if it does require and hand or two.

Played some WoW (finally got Myz's new cap after finding a Pristine Hide of the Beast for sale relatively cheaply).

Worked a lot on converting Flattops to CSS, which is now complete and working fine on Firefox. Of course that means Internet Explorer's gonna clobber it, so I have to spend more time testing with other browsers.

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