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Aside from GPS and RFID, one of the looming high-demand, not-yet-fully exploited things coming is aerial photos, as currently done via Google Maps (straight-down satellite view), but even better in Microsoft's new Virtual Earth "Live Local" as shown in this image of our neighborhood. BTW, be sure to click the zoom icon on the overlay for more detail.

MSFT has teamed up with Pictometry, a company specializing in photographing the whole country from low-flying planes that each carry multiple cameras shooting from a 45-degree angle. If Pictometry was public, I'd probably buy stock in it! Pictometry aims to have the whole country done by the end of next year, IIRC, so there should be an ever-increasing number of new web-based services that clever people build on top.

The images made available to the public are, of course, not nearly as good as the originals, because of privacy concerns. It's interesting to note in the above-linked photo that an exact date is not provided, however I know that it was shot on a Monday by the fact that the garbage cans at the end of our driveway can be seen.

What's even more mysterious is our neighbor's missing car. It's not where it was parked for over a year, nor where he's parked it now. If I paid more attention to when that car was not at his house, I could narrow down the date on this photo to only a couple of days, possibly a single one. I believe it was shot this spring, either before or after our ice plants bloomed, so it's a recent photo in any case.

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